The event platform for the rest of us

Tired of your current event software? Want something that just works? Yeah, we too. That's why we decided to build Eventy.

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Everything you need

Eventy is here to provide for the entire event experience. Whether it's finding speakers, managing your user group or organizing a conference, we've got you covered.



Manage your talks and workshop, create your speaker profile, share your slidedecks and more. Or search for a speaker for your next Event.

User Groups

Coming soon

Manage your user group, schedule events, contact your attendees and more. Or search for a user group in your area and join the party.


Coming soon

Organise your conference, manage your speakers, contact your attendees and more. Or search for a conference in your area and attend an event.

What do our users have to say?

Don't trust our word but that of our users. Here's what they have to say about our platform.

    • Eventy is a beautiful app and excellent choice for keeping track of your meetup and conference talks. The platform is clearly a labour of love, and I'm looking forward seeing how it will grow in the future.

      Freek Van der Herten
      Partner at Spatie
    • I am so happy that we finally have something like Eventy. Finally, a simple way to bring conference speakers and conferences together without all the bureaucracies typically involved. An extra positive part is that it looks pretty damn good.

      Frederick Vanbrabant
      Enterprise Architect at Galapagos
    • This platform is amazing! It's been so helpful for me to save my conference talks and it's made it so much easier for conference organizers to find me. I'm so excited to keep using it in the future!

      Nuno Maduro
      Developer at Laravel
    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Eventy becomes the #1 place to find your next speaker in the near future.

      Developer at Medicare
    • Eventy gives us the posibility to showcase our talks to event organisers. It gives a great overview of who you are as a public speaker. I can't wait to see which great features this platform will bring in the future.

      Bert De Swaef
      Developer at Vulpo
    • As a speaker, I always struggled with organizing my talks, and more important, present them. Eventy helps me here a lot, and I can share my public speaker profile with conferences. I can see a lot of potential in this app, and I can't wait to see what's coming next.

      Christoph Rumpel
      Web Developer
    • Creating my speaking profile with Eventy was really easy. Whether you’re getting into public speaking or you’re a seasoned speaker, Eventy is the perfect way to showcase your talks.

      James Brooks
      Developer at Laravel