Laravel Portugal

Nuno Maduro

Nuno Maduro is a Speaker, Laravel Core Team Member, Open Source Developer.

Nuno has created dozens of popular open-source projects, including Laravel Zero, Collision, Larastan, PHP Insights, Termwind, and the second most used PHP Testing Framework in the world: PEST. All these packages combined have been downloaded more than 200 million times, and all of them try to make the PHP ecosystem a better place.

Nuno has a very close relationship with the Laravel community, the most popular PHP framework in the world. As a core team member, Nuno has developed and maintained multiple Laravel projects and features that are being used by companies over the world. Including The New York Times, Disney, Twitch, and more.

As a speaker, Nuno has spoken in dozens of countries, including Laracon India, Laracon EU, PHP Italy, Forum PHP, and PHP Serbia. Nuno’s conference talks are usually around the open-source tools he built, PHP, Laravel, and the content is mostly live code.

Nuno also organizes online and in-person community meetups. As an example, he organized the latest Laravel France, most recently, he created the PHP Lisbon user group.

Nuno has a vast experience with the Serverless technology. At Laravel, he maintains the product Laravel Vapor — a serverless deployment platform, powered by AWS.

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