Learning in public Duration 10m

Learning in public is scary. You put yourself out there, vulnerable, openly admitting to your lack of knowledge in a world where everyone is an expert on something. You don't know who is going to see your video, read your blog, you don't know if anyone will find it interesting or useful.

You start to doubt yourself. What if everyone already knows this? What if people think you are dumb? What if people judge you?

So why do it? Why go through the stress, the discomfort?

Because it is worth it. Learning in public is empowering. It helps you grow. It opens doors to new opportunities.

This lightning talk will outline different reasons why learning in public is good for self-development, whether professional or personal, and hopefully convince those that are still not sure and maybe afraid to give it a go.

About this talk

This talk was given during the Laracon Online Summer 2021 conference.

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