Keep Thinking like a Hacker Duration 30m

What happens if a hacker breaks through your app, and gets to your server? You missed one tiny thing, and now the hacker is doing whatever they want on your server… How do you stop this from turning into a catastrophic event?

When we think about web app security, we immediately think of writing secure code, but that’s only half the story. We also need to secure our servers. We need to make sure that if a hacker breaks in, we can limit the damage they cause.

So in this talk, we’re going to assume the role of a hacker who has broken through the code, and has access to the server. We’ll go from there, hacking our way around, seeing what we have access to. While at the same time, adding layers of defence (as the site owner) to try and stop an impending catastrophic breach. The goal is to keep thinking like a hacker so we can build and deploy secure apps on all levels.

About this talk

The length of the talk can vary from 30-60 minutes, depending on the timeslot. The contents is refreshed before each presentation to reflect new vulnerabilities and common weaknesses.

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