Amiqus East Midlands, United Kingdom

Peter Fox

Senior Software Engineer

Peter Fox is a software developer with over a decade of experience. Currently, a team lead at Amiqus, the fastest-growing tech company in Scotland and in the top 20 fast-growing of the UK.

One of Peter's areas of specialisation is working on continuous integration and removing the bottlenecks via feature flags. Peter is the maintainer of the most popular Laravel Feature Flag package that's got over 500 stars on GitHub and over 400K installs.

At the end of 2022, Peter announced his plans to start work on FlagFox. A premium package for Laravel, building on top of his previous work with Feature Flags, to build a dashboard to manage more complex feature deployments.

While Peter has never given a public talk as yet. It's very much something he would like to try his hand at in the future.

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