Peter Seierstad

Meet Peter Seierstad, a leading expert in the fields of artificial intelligence and web development. With over 2 years of experience in the tech industry, Peter has a wealth of knowledge to share on the latest advancements and best practices in these fields.

Peter has a master degree in Slavic studies and has worked for top companies such as IDO in various roles related to AI and web development. He has also contributed to numerous research papers and has been invited to speak at conferences around the world on topics ranging from machine learning to web security.

In addition to his professional experience, Peter is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the field. He is a regular attendee of industry events and is actively involved in online communities and forums related to AI and web development.

With his extensive expertise and engaging speaking style, Peter is sure to provide valuable insights and practical takeaways for conference attendees.