1000 requests per second with 8 cents and Laravel Duration 40m

15 years ago, I deployed my first PHP website by copying the files onto a shared hosting via FTP. And voilà, it was live and running!

How about we do that again, today, with Laravel? Though this time, we'll use one of the biggest "shared hosting" of the planet: AWS Lambda. It should be a tad more secure, a bit more robust, and a touch more scalable.

Instead of FTP, we'll deploy via a single CLI command. And we will benchmark live with 1000 requests/second.

To finish, we'll dive into how serverless scaling works, how Bref runs Laravel on Lambda, and what's in the works for the future of Bref.

About this talk

This talk is a more modern version of the introduction to "serverless PHP", a talk I've given at various conferences like PHP UK (video), phpDay, PHP Barcelona, phpCE, CascadiaPHP, etc.

It is meant to be much more practical, focusing on Laravel and a live demo.

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