Get My Parking India

Divyansh Dwivedi

Tech Lead

Hi, My name is Divyansh Dwivedi and I am currently a tech lead at Get My Parking. I have been coding for more than 12+ years of my life. My coding journey began in 2009 when I was in 6th standard. Since then I haven't looked back yet. I am extremely passionate about technology and a huge believer that "Technology is the real superpower in this 21st century". I have worked with all major technologies, but currently, my main tech stack is Kotlin in which I spend most of my day. Other than that, I also spend some time working on Javascript and python as well.

I love geeking out on technology and helping new people get started in the tech space. I am a huge open source fan and contribute to different projects on a regular basis. I maintain a couple of them as well, where I mentor and help the new candidates to get started with open source, along with maintaining the project.

I also love talking about developer productivity, so that the developers could enhance their productivity and efficiency. I have authored a book about this which is available on Amazon worldwide by the name "The Productive Developer", and also I have a youtube channel by my name which is currently at 1.15k subs where in talk about development, developer productivity and more. I am also active in the dev community, and keep giving regular talks at local meetups and conferences.

Now I hope to give more international talks and come out as a subject matter expert on these topics and give back to the community in whatever little way I can. Feel free to checkout my linkedin profile at : where in I publish posts about these topics as well.

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