Snippets of Wisdom Duration 50m

The Laravel community is full of people who are not only amazing software developers, but also have incredible insights into being the best version of yourself. I've curated some of the best snippets of wisdom (mainly from Tweets and Podcasts) from the Laravel world that will make you a better developer, entrepreneur, and person. A few examples include:

  • Build Products that Scratch Your Own Itch - Taylor Otwell
  • Make More Things the Same - Caleb Porzio
  • Choose Your Hard - Jeffrey Way

The final talk will include approximately a dozen snippets of widsom from people mainly in the Laravel community, with a few from people outside the Laravel community with advice that is relevant to a Laravel developer. I will discuss my reflections on these bits of wisdom and how I suggest the audience use this incredible advice to be better software developers and human beings.

The beautiful thing about this talk is that, while not every snippet of wisdom will be meaningful to every listener, each person will leave the talk with at least one or two things that will stick with them and motivate them to be better tomorrow than they were today.

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