Filament Outside of Panels Duration 30m

When most people think about Filament, they think of it as an admin panel or app builder. But did you know you can get almost all the power of Filament in your existing application? Filament has six standalone packages and each one can be used to upgrade any Laravel application.

While live coding, I will take a standard Laravel app and integrate all six Filament packages into the app in just 30 minutes. You'll see:

  • Beautiful, functional datatables
  • Forms and slideover modals
  • Notification messages
  • Widgets with graphs

After seeing how easy it is to implement these features, you'll never want to hand roll another modal or datatable ever again.

About this talk

This is an expansion of episode 14 of my Laracasts course, "Using Filament Outside of Panels". I love this as a topic at a Laravel conference because it shows the power of Filament but is also applicable to everyone in the audience (even people who aren't currently using Filament).

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