Bjièn Ghent, Belgium

Dietrich Moerman

Trainer & Consultant

Hi! I’m Dietrich (he/him), co-owner at Bjièn, an independent consultancy from Ghent, Belgium.

I talk, train and consult on neurodiversity at work and building resilient, productive and neuro-inclusive teams. Neurodiversity? That’s the diversity in the human brain – think high sensitivity, giftedness, introversion, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, etc.

Next to that, I provide freelance consulting in software engineering, software design, and team resilience and agility. I have experience with maintaining SaaS platforms and coaching software development teams, and have developed online applications since 2003.

Organisations I have worked with include Government of Flanders, Stampix, Teamleader, Carrefour, Swift, and UCB.

Finally, I’m a founder and co-organiser of Breaking the Silos, hosting events and gatherings on breaking siloed thinking and improving collaboration within Belgian tech companies.

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