Bjièn Ghent, Belgium

Dietrich Moerman

Neurodiversity Consultant

When his family bought an LCD screen-fitted typewriter in 1992, Dietrich (he/him) fell in love with computers and electronics. He developed free software to create online communities while still in high school in the early 2000s. After graduating in software engineering, he started working as a developer, growing into roles such as development team lead, project manager, analyst, ScrumMaster and consultant.

With a late diagnosis of ADHD and ASD (autism), Dietrich gradually discovered the strengths and challenges of being neurodivergent. He created a keynote in 2021 outlining the curious similarities between software teams and ADHD and how some principles can make life better for both.

Today he focuses on making companies and workplaces more neuroinclusive, putting his own experiences and learnings into practice and guiding leaders, HR professionals and teams to thrive with neurodiversity. In his free time, he organises Breaking the Silos with events on innovation and collaboration in the Belgian tech industry, and plays improvisational theatre.

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