Building Applications with Swoole 3 hours

Swoole is a PHP extension that provides high-performance asynchronous and concurrent networking communication capabilities. It helps PHP developers to build fast and efficient applications. This tutorial will cover real-world use cases and exercises showing you around Swoole while teaching you how to build applications with it. Together we'll cover:

  • CSP Programming in PHP
  • Building HTTP/WebSocket/TCP Servers With Swoole
  • Building Applications Using Swoole-Based Frameworks
  • Setting Up Local Development Environment for Swoole
  • Testing and Debugging Swoole Applications

This tutorial is for you if you are a PHP developer who wants to learn how to use Swoole to build easy-to-understand, high-performance web applications or PHP applications other than the web. After the tutorial, you'll be able to start any new project using Swoole and make a difference in your development career.

About this workshop

The workshop is organized into three parts:

  • 1-hour talk focusing on CSP Programming in PHP.
  • 1-hour talk focusing on building Swoole-based application servers.
  • 1-hour hands-on exercises, with a skeleton project provided.

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