Integrating your Laravel app with 5,000+ others, using Zapier

Zapier is an advanced tool that millions of people use to create automated workflows that connect apps together. It works based on “triggers” and “actions” - when one app sends a trigger, one or more other apps listen for it and do something on behalf of a user account.

By writing just 1 integration, your Laravel app is able to interact with over 5,000 others. The trouble is, current documentation on working with Zapier is somewhat lacking and can be very confusing. There is no Laravel or PHP-specific guide for building such an integration either.

I recently built an advanced Zapier integration for SaaS startup, and I’d love to share everything I learned with the Laravel community. Providing your app’s users with every integration possibility they could ever wish for adds so much value to a product. The presentation will include a live coding session where we build and publish a simple Zapier integration live.

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