A Livewire architecture for growing applications

Unlike anything else a developer has used before, Livewire is a tool that is always exceeding expectations. Tens of thousands of developers are using it, as it's so easy to slowly integrate into into a traditional Blade application. However, where do you start if you want to go all-in with Livewire in a new app? Bad architectural decisions can slow the progress of a project, and create an unmaintainable codebase.

I have experience building feature-rich Livewire apps for years. I would love to share my architectural decisions with others, as they have worked really well for me.

I address:

  • When / why full-page Livewire components should be used.
  • Techniques to limit code reuse between components, while allowing the same UI to be used in multiple areas within the app.
  • What role does Livewire really have in a codebase? Is it just a communication layer, or something more? Where does the separation of concerns lie when working with action classes?
  • Hosting a REST API alongside a Livewire monolith.

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