Refactoring Legacy Code Guided By Approval Tests One day workshop of 2 hours

You’ve been asked to add a new feature to an existing application. After some investigation, it turns out that the design of the code is far from optimal. There are also no automated tests to help you. Sounds familiar? So you set out to add some tests, but that requires refactoring the code. However, in order to refactor the code you need have tests in place. How do we break free from this cycle?

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to use Approval Tests for testing legacy code using an outside-in approach. You’ll be able to practice how to safely refactor the code while also adding fine-grained unit tests and eventually introducing a new feature.

About this workshop

This is a hands-on workshop. Supported programming languages are Java and C#. Participants have to bring their own laptop and development environment installed.

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