vBridge Ghent, Belgium

Elian Van Cutsem

Software Engineer | Astro Ambassador

Meet Elian, a passionate software engineer and Astro ambassador who loves nothing more than exploring the endless possibilities of the web. With a focus on design, front-end development, and cloud native web applications, Elian tries to bring a unique perspective to every project he collaborates on.

As a member of the vBridge team, Elian has honed his skills in creating personalized and innovative technical solutions, always pushing himself to learn and try out new technologies. His love for the web began in 2016, when he first started building static websites to showcase his photography. Since then, he's been hooked on JAMStack development and the endless possibilities it brings.

In his spare time, Elian enjoys spreading the word about Astro, a cutting-edge meta-framework that focusses on shipping faster and more efficient websites by making less use of JavaScript. Whether you need a chat or just want to grab a drink and talk about the latest trends in web development, Elian is always up for a good conversation.

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