Think Like a Hacker Duration 45m

Much in the same way that to secure a house it helps to know how to break in, knowing how to attack our systems will help us secure them. You have a lot of data in your organisations. Whether you think it’s sensitive or not, it has value. Whether an attacker wants data for profit, a grudge, or just for fun we need to ensure that we don’t just leave the door open for them to take what they want.

In this session we’ll start to think like a hacker. The what, why, who, where and how of an attacking mindset will leave you with practical steps you can take away and use to start protecting your systems a little better.

About this talk

This talk has been given at:

  • Women's Tech Hub - Bristol - November 2020
  • Bulgaria PHP - November 2019
  • DDD East Midlands - October 2019
  • GOTO Berlin - October 2019

Can run for 45 or 60 minutes.

A video recording can be found here: