March 6, 2024 Eventy March 2024 Update

Hi there!

It's been a little over a year that we launched our speakers module for Eventy. Ever since, over 250 speakers have started sharing their talks and speaker profiles. Take a look at some of these amazing profiles or various interesting talks.

Ever since we've been on a little break but we've recently picked up work again on the platform. We're planning on some expanded features for speakers, a better search and of course we're still working out the details for the upcoming user groups feature. Stay tuned!

For now, we have a few minor updates to get started:

Social Login

You can now use GitHub to authenticate with the app, giving you an easy way to login through a simple click. We'll be adding more social providers in the near future.


Talks & Bio Copy Button

You can now easily copy a talks abstract and speaker bio by hovering over the text and clicking the appearing "copy" button. This gives you an easy way as an event host to share these abstracts or bios on your event.


RSS Blog Feed

If an RSS is your mojo then you can now subscribe to our blog feed from our blog page.



That's it for now! Thanks for using Eventy and keep sharing your talks and slides! See you soon with another update.

All the best,
Dries & Rias

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